We are a company specialized in international air and sea freight management. Since 2001, we provide operational excellence with rapid adaptation to changes in the global logistics area.

In the most diverse segments of operation, we built a team of experienced and skilled professionals in the planning and execution of project cargo shipments.

The experience and the quality management certification have guaranteed us worldwide prominence as one of the main load agents in South America and national leading in project cargo.

The offer of customized international freight services with high added value and competitive rates have become our differential.

Being recognized as the top-of-mind company in the market of International freight service provision, in air and sea modalities and in project cargo services, in the markets in which we operate.

Throughout our history, we have developed some virtues that guide our work and characterize ES Logistics:

Good listeners:

Each client presents a reality, a history and a need. Understanding is an important part of developing a customized and quality service. Count on us wherever you are, whenever you need us.


By putting ourselves in the place of our clients, we are in tune with their interests and act in defence of their needs along with suppliers in Brazil and abroad.


Local autonomy and speed reaction have always been our differentials. In this way, we can quickly assess any opportunities or adversities and adapt us to new needs.